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Factoring companies in Seattle offer a range of financial services designed to help businesses manage their cash flow and maintain steady operations. Whether you have a manufacturing company or a construction business that needs instant fund to answer for liabilities or to expand the business, we’ve got you covered. In general, some businesses struggle with collecting their invoices or they run out of cash even before their receivables get paid. That is why, our factoring company is here to help you.

Here, at Factoring Seattle, our team will personally cater to your concerns. We will personally assess  your company and your customers so you can get approved easily. Give us a call for a free estimate.

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Construction Factoring

For construction companies, managing cash flow can be challenging due to the upfront costs of projects and delays in receiving payments. Our construction factoring services offer immediate cash in exchange for your outstanding invoices. This allows you to cover material and labor costs, meet payroll, and invest in new projects without waiting for clients to pay.

Manufacturing Factoring

Manufacturers often face the dilemma of needing working capital to fulfill orders and purchase raw materials while awaiting payment from distributors or retailers. With our manufacturing factoring services, you can convert your accounts receivable into cash quickly. This ensures a smooth production process, timely delivery, and the ability to take on larger orders or invest in equipment upgrades.

Staffing Factoring

Staffing agencies experience cash flow gaps as they need to pay temporary workers promptly while waiting for clients to settle their invoices. Our staffing factoring services offer a solution by advancing funds against your outstanding invoices. This enables you to meet payroll obligations, expand your workforce, and seize growth opportunities within the competitive staffing industry.

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